Our team is committed to supporting you through some of the major events of your life. Buying a house, preparing a Will or granting a Power of Attorney can be daunting tasks. We have your best interests at heart as we help you navigate through legal issues to get the results that you need. We are happy to notarize, authenticate or witness your legal documents. Drop in or give us a call and let us know how we can help you today. 

Real Estate & Sale
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Let us represent you when you buy or sell property.  BC's Land Title system uses electronic filing system.  Notaries are authorized to register any change to a title to land, including tranferring ownership in a real estate transaction.  We work closely with your real estate agent and lenders to complete your dreams!

Real Estate and Sale Contracts

Wills, Estate & Personal Planning

We spend a great deal of time and energy building financial security in our lives.  Equal care is required as you consider health care plans as you age, and how your estate will be distributed to loved ones when you die.  A Notary will help you understand BC laws and draft the documents that meet your desires and provide you with personal peace of mind. 

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As lifetime commissioners for the Province of BC, notaries can authenticate and notarize documents necessary for legal and other mandatory requirements.  Drop ins are welcome but appointments are advised.  

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